Acoustic & Electric Growls (2019)

by Paul Karapiperis

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Philippe RECLUS
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Philippe RECLUS Très bonne musique, mélange de classicisme et de modernisme, original mais toujours mélodique, très bons musiciens ! Favorite track: A Place In Your Brain.
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1. A PLACE IN YOUR BRAIN There's a place in your brain where an ancient moon is sleeping it has made you create a mystic road that leads to the memories you are keeping There's a place in your brain where an old rusty bottle is waiting it has made you get opinions on everything and you've learned to keep hating
2. LIFE IS JUST LIKE A BAR WHERE THERE AIN'T NO BOOZE Everybody stays at home with no job people ain't got nothing but the blues the clouds fall down from the sky life is just like a bar where there ain't no booze You can't even trust your shadow because it's not your best friend anymore the nights can hide the days in this world full of fear for war The roosters don't crow in the mornin' there ain't a mystical bond between wolves and the moon people lose their paths in the fog of life our living is just like a soup without a spoon
3. SIMPLE,HONEST & WISE This hypocritical mad society has brought anxiety in your life you have to live simply, and be honest and wise if you want to stay alive The demands of your ego have made your life complicated you have to live simply, and be honest and wise forget the troubles and the time you have wasted The blues always lurks in the corner to grab you but you know that your smile is the best medicine for your sadness you have to live simply, and be honest and wise so you stay away from this world's madness
4. BROKEN PIECES OF MY WASTED TIME Now that the night is over and I am down to the bone I can find the broken pieces of my wasted time walking all alone I can bring back the smile on your face And I can follow the path of your colored dreams wearing my dusty shoes And walking in the forest with the moonlight beams
5. IN THIS JUKE JOINT OF BITTER MUSIC Drinkin' in this juke joint of bitter music thinkin' of comin' back home again you have no friends around your soul is full of pain Like a skeleton with a pistol in his hand your crazy laughter is the soundtrack of the night your mind is on ice but you will find a shelter in the dawning light
6. I CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT I have to be adaptable, brave, calm, decisive and easygoing fair-minded, generous, hard-working, affable and broad-minded but people always tell me "It was a really nice try" I feel like I can't do anything right I have to be affectionate, careful, diligent, emotional and fearless gentle, honest, ambitious, compassionate and discreet but people always tell me "It was a really nice try" I feel like I can't do anything right I have to be amiable, conscientious, dynamic, energetic and frank amicable, convivial, friendly, humorous, considerate and funny but people always tell me "It was a really nice try" I feel like I can't do anything right
7. TRAPPED IN A FOX HOLE You are on the street walking like an old dog and your shantytown looks inhospitable in the pouring rain you are playing a losin game thinking that you will find your stolen soul again Times have changed you can't rock and you can't roll your music done gone on that midnight train you are trapped in a fox hole
8. SOME STRANGE TRUTHS You feel like a child but not as a useful member of society some strange truths have made you live quietly You are smart as hell but you don’t feel gifted in any special way some strange truths have taught you to pray You work all the time but only art makes you breathe in this town some strange truths have pulled you further down
9. THE BEST TRIP THAT NEVER ENDS Come on baby lay down by my side our love is the best trip that never ends and believe me nowadays such a trip is hard to find Someone is always trying to tell us trying to tell us how to live but we have made our own choices and directions so keep them at bay, they haven't good feelings to give Now I understand what most people wanted for me they wanted to see me down and living in misery If you try to play by their rules it's certain that you will lose your mind they can't break free from their Jealousy although their presence looks gracious and kind I'll protect you baby every kinda way don’t believe that the love you are giving them will come back to you someday
10. A NEW DESTINATION It is a cold, dark night... Your cigarette ash is flying in the air... Mysterious lights from nowhere are blinding your eyes... Drunken bums in black raincoats are the heroes of a dirty pavement... The club is open... you are looking for a broken tale behind the bar... The rain just before dawn sounds like a blues song to you... It 's a new destination...
11. THE OLD BLUE FENCE OF FEAR If you want to replace your frown with a smile you have to jump the old blue fence of fear If you want to feel the pleasure of joy that lifts up the spirit you have to jump the old blue fence of fear The old blue fence of fear grows when you are down it can make you feel like a lonesome stranger in your own hometown If you want to turn your nightmares into dreams you have to jump the old blue fence of fear If you have the desire to see new places and learn new things you have to jump the old blue fence of fear The old blue fence of fear... If you want to feel satisfied when you help someone else you have to jump the old blue fence of fear If you want to be inspired from experiences that can take your breath away you have to jump the old blue fence of fear The old blue fence of fear...
12. BREAK OUT OF YOUR CAGE Break out of your cage before your sadness puts you down don't lose the sunshine although you know that all good things happens after sundown Blink your eyes into darkness and you 'll see the part you ’d like to keep it’s time to play collecting treasures from a trash heap Don’t let anything get in between you and your madness forgive the bees that they don't want to take your honey anymore love your mistakes and don't trust nobody everybody does his job through the back door You don't have to run so far to clean up the dirty days of your past you have to forget that you were living in hell and promise to yourself that you will make it fast
13. ALL COMES OUT RIGHT When the wind screams you go downtown when danger is waiting at the corner you whisper crazy lyrics to the crowd With a head full of thoughts you feel alive in the storm of the night things ain’t like they seem but all comes out right You want to erase your traces and disappear completely you'd been down many times people have hurt your feelings deeply
14. WRAPPED UP IN YOUR MAGIC WORLD Wrapped up in your magic world that's where I belong when I throw my arms around you I feel so strong Wrapped up in your magic world my inspiration is your smile I see the streets no longer empty As I escape from my exile
15. THE BLUES IN HIS VEINS He's created his own prison and he can't cut his chains his empty glass always wants a whiskey doctors discovered the blues in his veins His fears are too big for his mind and he 's left his drunk soul in an abandoned road leave him alone to express his feelings the blues in his veins is about to explode
The River 03:24
16. THE RIVER Tell me what the river has done to you you are always haunted by its waters it always knows when you feel sad and blue This river is dangerous for someone to swim in I would not recommend anyone to cross it by boat it knows well how to hide its secrets chances of a sense of reality have become even more remote
17. STUPID RULES BLUES I 'll give you whatever you want babe my soul looks like a blank check but please, take all these stupid rules from me and this blues from around my neck Just bring your love babe and leave the rest behind take all these stupid rules from me and this blues will no longer be in my mind


After three personal albums, of Paul Karapiperis, leader of the Greek blues band Small Blues Trap, "Fifteen Raindrops In An Ocean Of Blues Tales"(2009) , "Somethin' Like Blues or Haunted Ballads"(2012) and “One Sin In Seven Parts”(2014), he is releasing his fourth one which was recently completed. The new album is called “Acoustic & Electric Growls”.

In this project Karapiperis is accompanied by eight other Greek musicians: Vassilis Athanassiadis(No Man’s Land, Terrapin), Manolis Aggelakis(Illegal Operation, Appalachian Cobra Worshipers), Panos Badikouthis(Blues Trackers), Nicholas Psarras(Hungry Birds), Ilias Lintzos(Bonfire Radicals), Panagiotis Daras(Small Blues Trap), Lefteris Besios(Small Blues Trap) and Nikos Konstantinou(Small Blues Trap).


released May 17, 2019

Vassilis Athanassiadis:
lead guitar on 10

Manolis Aggelakis:
vocals on 12

Panos Badikouthis:
lead guitar on 4,7

Nicholas Psarras:
clarinet on 3,14

Ilias Lintzos:
drums/percussion on 1

Panagiotis Daras:
lead guitar on 1,15,17

Lefteris Besios:
bass on 8,11,13,14,17

Nikos Konstantinou:
drums on 5,8,11,13,17

Paul Karapiperis:
vocals on all tracks except 12
harmonica on all tracks except 3
resonator guitar on 3,4,6,7,10,13,14,15,17
acoustic guitar on 1,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,14,16
electric guitar on 1,2,4,5,8,9,11,12,13,14,16
fretless acoustic bass on 2,5,15
keyboards on 2,5,6,7,9,10,14,16
percussion on 2,4,6,7,9,14,15,16,17
tzouras on 9,13,16
baglamas on 1


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Paul Karapiperis Greece

Frontman and harmonica player of the "Small Blues Trap" band.

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